Winter Hacks To Keep The Home Nice and Warm During the Cold Season Page 20

Alcohol Works Wonders As A Defroster

Alcohol shows up a couple of times on this list and for good reason. Alcohol naturally has some anti-freezing properties. So, if you ever find yourself locked out of your home or your car because the lock is frozen, then you can use some alcohol to quickly unfreeze it. Alcohol in the form of hand sanitizer works well for this. Just spray some in the keyhole and it should unfreeze any ice inside.

The reason for this is because ice has a lower freezing point than water and it also works as a preventive, meaning wherever you put it will be resistant to freezing in the short term future.

Blow Some Bubbles

If you have kids and they’ve for some reason gotten bored with pelting each other with snowballs or making snowmen, then we have a fun activity for you. You can take them outside to make some ice bubbles. All you need is some soap, water, a spray bottle, and a bubble wand. If you don’t have a bubble wand, you can make one using wire. Just twist the end to make a circle. 

Mix everything together and head outside to blow some bubbles. The bubbles should freeze when they hit the ground, making a cool-looking ice bubble that’s sure to keep the kids busy for a little while.

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