How do mortgage loans work? | Personal loans and advice

If you need cash right away and you own something of value, you might consider getting a mortgage loan. These secured loans are relatively quick and easy. You’ll head to the pawnshop and bring your possessions as collateral for the money. But a mortgage loan is different from other types of debt because you are … Read more

What you need to know

Lansing, Michigan. High school students in Michigan can be awarded up to $4,000 in in-state scholarships to help with college tuition. The state of Michigan has launched a new website geared towards helping high school students graduating this year to lower the cost of college education in the future by applying for various state scholarships. … Read more

Bank of Greece – Interest rates on bank deposits and loans: September 2022

The weighted average interest rate on new deposits remained unchanged at 0.04% in September 2022While the weighted average interest rate on new loans increased to 4.60%. The interest rate differential between new deposits and loans increased to 4.56 percentage points. The weighted average interest rate on outstanding amounts of deposits remained almost unchanged at 0.04%, … Read more

Local teachers try to experience a unique living situation to help pay off student loans

(WFSB) – Two local teachers have tried everything, but their student loans are unaffordable. Now they have a unique living situation but are making the most of it while working on some savings to pay off those loans. Adam Constantinos and his wife are both teachers. Adam is in his fifth year of teaching physical … Read more