Scholarship Fund for Individual Fellows for Fish Fry Benefits | News

It’s time to fry fish again for the Athena Oddfellows family. Fundraising helps pay scholarship fees for students who plan to attend Trinity Valley Community College.

The meal is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 6, or until food runs out. Dishes cost $12 and children under 10 eat for $7. They will serve fish, chips, beans, cabbage salad and all the fixings.

Athens Lodge No. 961 at 1301 W. Cayuga in Athens.

You can stop in person or call for an order at 903-675-3741.

The lodge members thank the clients who go out every year and help with the project.

According to Odd Fellows and Rebekahs, they began awarding scholarships in 1991 to Henderson County students who wished to attend Trinity Valley Community College. A member of the lodge met with Ron Poe, who was the president of TVCC at the time, about partnering with the inn on the scholarship program, and he agreed.

The hostel has begun awarding $500 scholarships to deserving students. The current president of TVCC, Jerry King, has continued to work with the inn and the scholarship has increased to $750 per student.

When the scholarship program began, the money was sourced from the resort’s bingo operation, which was eventually closed. Members had to come up with another way to raise funds for scholarships and a semi-annual fish fry was selected.

Fish fry is held on the first Sunday in April and November in the hope that people will stop by and enjoy a meal after church services. The program has worked well and is still ongoing. All proceeds go toward scholarships and individual fellows hope to increase the amount to $1,000 per student before long.

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