How to Step up Any Beauty Routine Using Vaseline

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This article was originally published on RealLifeDIY

Looking for a new ingredient to spice up your current beauty regimen? You might already have the next best thing sitting in your bathroom cabinet. If used correctly, petroleum jelly (AKA Vaseline) can boost your hair and skincare routines without breaking the bank. So whether you’re looking for anti-aging tricks or more random uses for this gem – like help with household duties – we’ve got a feeling you’ll find these surprising Vaseline hacks helpful.

Get Perfectly Fluffy Looking Eyebrows

In recent years, a strong thick eyebrow has become something that every person wants. Those thin eyebrows that were popular in the 2000s are starting to make a comeback, but beware! These take a long time to grow out, and trends are cyclical, which means thin eyebrows won’t be around forever. Work on having thick, luscious-looking brows instead of thin ones. A great way to do this is by shaping and brushing them upwards. 

A dab of Vaseline on an eyebrow brush will help to move the hairs into the shape you want and brush up the individual hairs for a fuller look. 

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There Is No Need To Use A Lip Stain

Lipsticks come in every shade imaginable; some are stains that last for 48 hours or longer, while others can simply be wiped off with a piece of tissue. No matter what, anybody wearing lipstick wants it to last for whatever time period they need it for. Luckily, there is an easy hack for making standard lipstick last longer and not stick to your teeth when you smile too widely.

First, apply the lipstick shade of your choice. Second, slick on a layer of Vaseline, and this layer will keep the color going all night. 

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A Stuck Zipper Can Be Unstuck

There comes a moment in every coat or jean zip lifespan where the zipper stops moving and gets stuck. This moment usually happens when you really don’t want it to, like when you are getting ready for a big night out on the town. If you are at home, this is not as big of a deal, and a zipper can be unstuck pretty quickly. A tiny amount of Vaseline will be needed, though. 

That Vaseline can be worked into the grooves of the zipper and the zip, and slowly but surely, it should ease up and start moving. 

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Make A Smile Nice And Shiny

Have you ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock? There is a moment as all of the beauty queens are preparing for the competition when a tub of Vaseline is whipped out. That Vaseline is then slathered across each beauty queen’s teeth because it keeps those pearly whites looking nice and shiny. On top of that, Vaseline also makes it easier to smile overall as gums and lips don’t stick to teeth. 

Anyone who suffers from dry mouth, or gets a bit nervous during situations where they need to smile a lot should try this hack out. 

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Keep Scalps Dye Free During The Hair Coloring Process

There comes a time in every person’s life when they decide to do something totally wacky with their hair. Maybe it is cutting it into a mullet or trying out bangs. Some people like to go the extra mile and dye their hair a completely new shade, like bright turquoise or dark purple. While this is a big commitment, it is an even bigger commitment if you accidentally end up dyeing your scalp. 

To avoid ending up with purple or blue skin, add a slick of Vaseline to your part and around your hairline. Any dye that lands on the Vaseline can be wiped away. 

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Say Goodbye To Rust

Anything made of metal that does not have a protective coating can be prone to rust, and that includes tools normally found in your garage. Places that have high humidity tend to be breeding grounds for rust. Naturally, Vaseline can help with this, although it might be a bit of a slimy mess. A thin coating of Vaseline on metal tools can lock out moisture and keep them from rusting. 

We would suggest removing the Vaseline the next time you need to use them, or it might be a tad difficult to get a firm grip on them. 

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Nobody Enjoys Chafing

Finding that perfect outfit takes time and dedication. Either you have to scroll through online store after online store or hit the streets and try on a bunch of different outfits. The worst part is when you find the outfit, get home, try it on and start wearing it around only to realize that it chafes. That chafing can drive a person nuts after a while, and it has to be stopped. 

First, determine where it is chafing. Then, dab on some Vaseline, and the chafing should stop. Just make sure the Vaseline doesn’t ruin the fabric. 

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Frizzy And Dry Hair? Consider This Beauty Hack

Anyone with long hair knows how hard it is to keep the ends looking fresh. Yes, you can go for regular trims to spruce them up, but somehow, they always end up getting a bit brittle and dry. There are lots of expensive products on the market that you can try, but instead of shelling out the big bucks, try adding a bit of Vaseline to your regular hair routine. 

After washing your hair and towel drying it, dab a bit on your fingertips and carefully run your fingers over the ends. This may help them from splitting in the future.

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Say Goodbye To Messy DIY Manicures

For some reason, when it comes to painting nails on our hands, it is always hard to use the less dominant hand to paint the dominant hand. This leads to some pretty shaky paint jobs, and the same can happen when painting toenails as well. While it is easy to use nail polish remover, there is an even easier method that involves dabbing some petroleum jelly around your nails. 

Carefully use a q-tip to dab Vaseline around the edges of each nail. If any nail polish gets on that section, you can just wipe the Vaseline off with it. 

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Keep Bikini Lines Nice And Smooth

Some people are blessed with skin that does not react to shaving, while others get to deal with red razor burn. This can occur along your bikini line or on your legs if you are particularly sensitive. It does not look the best, and it can be a tad uncomfortable. Sometimes it can get really itchy! Of course, the wonder product that is Vaseline can lend a helping hand with this. 

Dab a little bit of this on sensitive areas that are prone to getting bumps and redness, and it should help to reduce it. 

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A Three Ingredient Do-It-Yourself Body Scrub

It feels like there is a new cosmetic company that releases beauty products on a daily basis. Wading through all of the reviews to find one you actually love can take a lot of time. Avoid this by simply making your own products. Most people don’t realize just how easy it is to make your own body scrub with only three ingredients and nothing that is artificial, which could be harmful. 

All you need is some salt or sugar, Vaseline, and essential oil of your choice to make your body smell nice and scrumptious. 

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Keep Cuts And Scrapes Bacteria Free While Swimming

As soon as the hot weather arrives, we all want to throw on our swimsuits and dive in. Sometimes pesky cuts and scrapes can prevent us from doing this, as water can contain all sorts of bacteria that can lead to infections. When the urge to swim takes you though, you have to go and that is where Vaseline can come in. Bandages get soaked and come off which is why they aren’t really an option. 

Petroleum jelly creates a thin protective barrier that does not come off in the water, and it can help stave off bacteria from getting into cuts and scrapes. 

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A Non-Toxic Paint Remover

Painting a wall or entire home takes some real commitment and a bit of cash. You have to cover everything in painter’s tarps to avoid furniture from getting splattered, then painter’s tape needs to be applied to all areas where you don’t want the paint to bleed onto decorative elements like wainscotting. No matter what, though, some paint will get on your clothes, hair, and skin, which will need to be removed. 

For skin, Vaseline can be rubbed atop paint speckles. Let it sit for a couple of minutes, and then the paint should just wipe off with the Vaseline. 

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Bring A Manicure Back To Life

Getting your nails done is a ton of fun. You get to choose the shape and the color that they will be for the next few weeks. Not all nail polishes are mixed the same, though, and some do start to lose their luster after a week or so. This can be annoying as you have invested in getting your nails done, but fear not, there is a quick fix. 

All it takes is a slick of Vaseline over top of the nails, and they will start to shine once more. It will make your manicure last longer. 

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Vaseline To The Rescue From Chewing Gum

Growing up, many of us are told by our parents to make sure that we don’t chew gum lying down. The first reason is that kids can choke on gum, and the second reason is that they may fall asleep or somehow drop the gum onto their pillow. From there, all it takes is a simple roll, and hair can get caught in the gum in no time leading to a bit of a situation. 

Most of the time, chewing gum needs to be cut out of hair once it is caught in it. However, if the snarl isn’t too bad, a bit of Vaseline can be added, and it might help pull the strands of hair loose. 

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Help Calm Down Patches Of Eczema

Eczema is a common skin condition that people all around the world get. It can appear in small red patches or much larger ones which can be very red and itchy. While it is itchy, it is not something that you want to scratch as that can make it flare up and appear to be even redder. There are doctor-prescribed creams that can be used to treat it, but Vaseline is also an option. 

Always consult with a doctor before trying any over-the-counter products, but some Vaseline applied carefully after a shower can work wonders for some people. 

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Soothe Skin After Some Vigorous Threading At The Salon

There are a lot of different ways to eliminate unwanted hair. These include waxing, laser, sugaring, and threading. Threading is quite popular because it removes the hair at the root, and there is no tearing the way there is with waxing. However, threading can still be hard on your skin. There can be a bit of redness on the skin that needs to be soothed. Once more, the magic product can be used. 

Petroleum jelly can be smoothed over newly threaded skin to alleviate some of the redness. It is also great to use after facial waxing for any red spots. 

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Who Doesn’t Want Soft Feet

Just like hands, our feet can get dry and cracked over time. This is especially true in the winter if you live in a cold place that gets a lot of snow. Feet will get chapped and if they aren’t moisturized, they will turn into deep cracks which can be very painful to walk on. Nobody wants to deal with his because most of us really need our feet to walk around on!

Moisturizing with Vaseline once a day will help to prevent this, even if it does feel rather slimy. 

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No Fire Starter? No Problem

There are some items that can be found in pretty much every household. The first is a handy tub of Vaseline, and the second is a jar of cotton balls. You never know when you will need to dab at something with one of those. There are a lot of situations that require starting a fire, and sometimes there is no kindling to be found anywhere. If there is no kindling in sight, just grab a cotton ball and some Vaseline.

Drench the cotton ball in Vaseline and light it on fire underneath the wood that needs to be lit. The Vaseline will make it burn longer than normal, and the wood will catch in no time. 

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The Lightbulb Hack Everyone Should Know

Screwing in lightbulbs is never easy. You have to find a chair or ladder to stand on and then delicately attempt to unscrew the already screwed-in lightbulb without breaking it. This takes a fair amount of effort when it should be a quick thing. That’s where petroleum jelly comes to the rescue once more. A tiny slick of jelly around the metal part of the bulb, and it should screw in easily. 

Then, when it is time to unscrew the lightbulb, it should turn without any issues as well, as some Vaseline will still be on it. 

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Help A Sunburned Scalp Calm Down

Have you ever gone to the beach, put sunscreen on your body, and then forgotten to wear a hat? Scalps are one part of our bodies that are often forgotten, and they definitely need some sunscreen as well. You can wear a hat to protect it, but spraying on some sunblock is the best way to make sure no rays penetrate that tender skin. However, accidents happen, and a red scalp does need some TLC.

A gentle dab of Vaseline along your part and other areas that are red can help calm the skin and make sure that it doesn’t peel too badly. 

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No More Pulling Or Chaffing From Earrings

Earrings are a great way to spice up a plain outfit. You can wear some real statement pieces, or just the standard hoops and studs. Either way, they all look great. New earrings or ones with particularly sharp edges can pull on ear lobes and in some cases even irritate them a bit. One of the ways to cut down on irritation is to use a bit of Vaseline over the part that enters the lobe. 

The Vaseline will allow the earrings to move around without affecting your ear lobe. This is a great hack for people with sensitive ears

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Keep Tattoos Looking Fresh And Help Them Heal

Getting a tattoo is always exciting. You have to decide on the design, size, and placemat of the piece of art that is going to be decorating your body for the rest of your life. While getting the tattoo may sound like the hard part, the aftercare is just as important. Nobody wants a tattoo with bleeding lines or shading that is kind of patchy. Keeping a new tattoo moisturized is one of the ways to protect it. 

Once the tattoo is starting to scab, you can apply some petroleum jelly over top of it to help it stay moisturized. 

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Avoid Getting New Scars

Skin is incredibly sensitive, which most people are aware of. It is easy to damage both by the sun and also through the wear and tear of living. Kids are always getting scuffed knees, and adults also have a few accidents here and there. Scars tell a story, but sometimes you want the scar that goes along with the tale to be less noticeable. One way to do this is to keep the cut moisturized. 

Vaseline can be slathered on the cut as it heals to minimize scarring.

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Get Rid of Those Chafing Marks From Wearing Masks

Some people have to wear masks for their jobs or during travel, and anyone who has had to wear personal protective equipment for 8+ hours knows just how uncomfortable it can be. The mask rubs across the bridge of your nose, and the ear loops can also lead to chafing around your ears. All of this isn’t great, but it can be lessened somewhat with the careful application of Vaseline. 

You don’t want to slather your face in Vaseline unless you are slugging. For this, just dab a little bit on the areas that are being chafed by the mask. 

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An Inexpensive – And Effective – Moisturizer

Every day it feels like a celebrity is trying to sell a new expensive moisturizer designed to give their fans flawless skin like them. What these advertisements often don’t tell you is that these celebs have spent thousands of dollars on laser treatments, dermal fillers and toxins, and everything else in between. It takes a whole team to make them look that good, not a dab of some expensive moisturizer. 

If you can’t afford to shell out for the expensive stuff, consider using Vaseline. It locks in moisture and works just as well for a lot of people. 

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Get Rid Of Cracked Lips With A Little Bit Of Exfoliation

Everyone’s body reacts differently to changes in weather. As soon as it starts to get cold, lips like to dry out and get chapped. It’s not ideal, and it means slicking on a lot of lip chap to keep your lips from cracking too painfully. There are ways to improve lip health, though, and naturally, petroleum jelly, AKA the wonder product, can help with this. First, slick on some Vaseline across your pout. 

Then, exfoliate your lips with a soft-bristled toothbrush. After this, rinse the Vaseline off, and your lips should feel and look nice and nourished. 

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No More Chapped Noses After Having A Cold

Have you ever had a cold where your nose runs like a faucet for what feels like a week? Constantly having to wipe with a tissue can leave the skin feeling pretty red and angry, which often leads to it appearing chapped. One way to avoid this is to dab Vaseline around your nostrils and the skin where tissue comes into regular contact with it. This will help it stay moisturized. 

To keep your nose from getting chapped, you will need to regularly reapply Vaseline. Otherwise, the thin layer will eventually wear off after many nose-blowing sessions. 

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Cuticles Deserve A Little Bit Of Tender Love And Care

Have you ever gone to get a manicure and heard the manicurist tutting over your cuticles? If you don’t moisturize your hands regularly, then having to trim cuticles can be quite difficult. If a cuticle is dry and trimmed too close to the skin, it can sometimes start to bleed. Nobody wants this, especially you. One way to avoid this situation is to add a slick of Vaseline over top of the cuticles before bed. 

This keeps them nice and moisturized, and your manicurist will be smiling when they see what great care you are taking of your nails. 

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Keep Palms From Cracking

Hands tend to show how a person lives their life. If they spend time outside working in jobs like carpentry, then they will be a bit rough and tumble. A lot of physical work dries out the skin on hands and can make palms start to crack. Cracking can lead to small cuts and even infection, which nobody wants to deal with, especially if your hands are a part of your livelihood. 

After each day, moisturize your hands with Vaseline to create a protective barrier while you sleep peacefully through the night. 

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Stubble Doesn’t Need To Be Red

Many people suffer from what is commonly called razor burn. This can happen on faces, legs, and any other regions that people decide to shave. It can be uncomfortable, and it is quite noticeable as it leaves little red bumps on the skin. One of the ways to soothe skin after shaving is to let it air dry and then add something that helps remove the redness and prevent bumps

Vaseline comes to the rescue once more, as it is very good and helps to reduce razor burn and get rid of any spots that feel like sticking around. 

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Is Your Shower Curtain Making A Screeching Sound When Opened?

There comes a time in every shower rod’s life when it begins to show signs of wear and tear. Maybe there are a few specks of rust, or maybe the plastic coating is beginning to come off. Slowly but surely, the shower curtain no longer moves as smoothly as it once did and now starts to make a ghastly screeching noise when it is pulled open and closed. This can be rather annoying. 

To breathe some life back into the shower curtain, just add a thin layer of petroleum jelly along the top of the shower rod. This will make the curtain glide open and closed. 

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Don’t Let Glue Bottle Lids Glue Themselves Shut After Use

In elementary school, one of the items that every teacher has in stock is a bunch of bottles of glue. Kids need to work on their fine motor skills, and one of the ways they do this is by carefully cutting shapes and pasting them onto paper to make pretty pictures. We all remember being handed a glue bottle in school, trying to unscrew the lid only to find that it was glued shut. 

Half the fun is trying to unscrew the glue lid and get at the sticky stuff. One way to avoid this is by putting a bit of Vaseline under the lid so that it never gets stuck. 

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Babies Do Not Like Diaper Rash And Here’s How To Help

Parents know that diaper rash is a very real thing. As babies move around, their diapers rub against their legs and stomachs, which can be pretty uncomfortable for little ones. There are lots of different creams for this, but sometimes all it takes is a common product that has been around for decades to help alleviate this issue and get little ones crawling around in glee again. You can probably guess what this is. 

That’s right, Vaseline can also be used to treat diaper rash, and it is pretty safe to use with babies. Although, we would not recommend letting them eat it. 

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Wind Damage And Skin Are Not The Best Of Mixes

A lot of watersports involve the wind, like kite surfing and windsurfing. All of that wind pummeling your hands and face can be pretty brutal and lead to some red marks. There are some things that can be worn like goggles and gloves to protect yourself, but in hot destinations, this can be less than ideal. Vaseline can help with this by providing a protective barrier that wind cannot get through.

Simply dab some on the top of your hands and your face to help protect it. Be careful to wipe it off of your palms; otherwise, holding on to anything will be impossible!

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