Winter Hacks To Keep The Home Nice and Warm During the Cold Season Page 15

Wrap Your Shoes In Plastic

There are a couple of tips on this list for keeping water and snow off your floor, but what if you want to keep water and snow off your shoes? All you need are a couple of plastic bags. Just wrap your shoes in the bags and tie up the end and you have waterproof shoes without the expensive price tag. You can also put plastic bags on before putting your shoes on.

This won’t keep your shoes dry but it will keep your feet dry. It’ll also make sure your shoes don’t tear any holes in the bag, leading to your feet getting wet.

Redirect Heat

If your heater isn’t facing towards the room, then odds are you’re losing quite a bit of heat. However, we have a simple DIY solution to help keep your room warmer and save on your energy bills. All you need to do is place a strip of aluminum foil behind your heater. Since foil is so good at trapping and conducting heat, it will make sure the heat is redirected back towards your room.

It’ll also save you a bit of money since your heat won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm and cozy. Just make sure the strip of foil you use is wide enough to adequately reflect the heat.

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